Panasonic’s up-to-the-minute ATEX Zona 2 certifiable fully broken Windows pill intentional for versatile Mobile River computing in possibly volatile industries

//Panasonic’s up-to-the-minute ATEX Zona 2 certifiable fully broken Windows pill intentional for versatile Mobile River computing in possibly volatile industries

Panasonic now announced the in vogue reading of its democratic ATEX certified, 10.1 edge full craggy Windows pad with up to 14 hours barrage lifespan and yet Sir Thomas More computing force. The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX tab has been certifiable for above ground, Zona 2 Operative Blank practice in potentially explosive environments*, such as the chemicals, oil and blow industries.

The broken pad of paper ass be put-upon for a blanket ambit of purposes by Mobile River workers, so much as accessing Geo Data Systems, sustainment and initiation projects, as intimately as workforce and asset direction. Faculty buttocks relate to base and incur problems quickly, contain digital documents and drawings, gild renewal parts online and be routed to the succeeding Job.

These operatives ofttimes give to form outdoors and demand a twist that can buoy suffer up to the elements, whether typewriting on the projection screen in the pelting or version the exhibit in shining sunlight, or interacting with the gimmick using a write or when exhausting gloves.

They too demand approach to totally the digital selective information available from their spot systems patch proscribed in the field of study and this Windows 10 In favour of twist with the high-pitched performance, 6th propagation Intel Nitty-gritty i5-6300u vPro CPU central processor provides wide-eyed ranging compatibility and connectivity options.

With up to 14 hours in operation barrage life sentence and raging swappable battery capabilities, the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX tab toilet study in the theatre of operations as farseeing as needed. Its comprehensive examination ecosystem of accessories and peripherals ensures the gimmick sack be exploited in whatsoever environment, whether docked in a vehicle or carried. And alike the wider reach of Panasonic amply rugged devices, the tab is well-tried to bandstand up to utmost conditions with its MIL-STD 810G and IP65 ratings. With its flexible shape options, the pill commode be equipped with a 2D barcode reader, GPS, micro SD, 2nd USB 2.0, pumped-up Local area network or a voguish poster reader. To control the device meets certification standards, Panasonic highly-developed a particular barrage fire blueprint for the tab and incorporates the gimmick in a purpose-stacked leather pillow slip.

“Panasonic has been designing and construction ATEX compliant tough roving computer science devices since the condom touchstone was introduced 14 age ago,” said Jan Kaempfer, World-wide Handler for Selling at Panasonic Figurer Product Solutions. “This latest broken tablet is our almost versatile ATEX nomadic twist to date, ensuring mobile workers in these safe sensible industries make accession to the Saame levels of computer science power, functionality and intention that early workers have got. This is an in and of itself good device without having to compromise on functionality and flexibility.”

The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX pill testament be useable from Feb 2018 and begin at 3.028€ positive value-added tax.

* Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX certifications:

Ex II 3 G Ex ic ec IIB T3 Gc (with WWAN)

Ex II 3 G Ex ic ec IIC T3 Gc (without WWAN)

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