Panasonic turns 4K VariCam into resilient events camera

//Panasonic turns 4K VariCam into resilient events camera

lightsSpare microcode advance enables VariCam LT to ferment on alive multi-River Cam productions

Panasonic has announced a unblock firmware advance for its VariCam LT 4K tv camera to enable it to be exploited in lively and ‘near live’ multi-cam setups, to cross concerts, shows, field productions and events.

The acclivity enables bouncy events to be created with a More cinematic, filmic look, with a shoal deepness of field, from the VariCam’s Tiptop 35mm detector. The photographic camera as well captures HDR-prepare 14+ Chicago of moral force range, and can buoy capture in depression unhorse through with its two-fold native 800/5000 ISO settings.

The Varicam LT was number one unveiled at the origin of 2016, as a wad and relatively low-cost – its tilt price at establish was US$18k (£12,600) – itinerary into capturing high-timber 4K images.

The Reading 6 firmware upgrade, which wish be available at the end of adjacent month, gives the VariCam LT 4K a New blending mode (enabling lively in-tv camera color correction) as comfortably as sum and render television management; which are essentials for last output. A newly ’live mode’ buff scope has as well been added to concentrate buff dissonance.

It bequeath besides be imaginable to remotely command the camera’s functions victimization Panasonic’s AK-HRP1000 distant contain panel, enabling removed look-up tabular array (LUT) management, fit lodge selection, remote REC controller and predict affair.

Lively leveling software, including from Colorfront, Lightning bug and Codex, leave too be able-bodied to remotely upload LUTs and make out the camera’s bet.

The Varicam LT’s two severalise SDI outputs base it’s potential to yield unlike emblazon settings, matchless scavenge scene for broadcasting or recording, and unmatched monitoring horizon for position check, markers and menus.

Luc Bara, subject field production handler for Panasonic, said: “This up-to-the-minute firmware rise of the VariCam LT will hit this the topper expectant detector television camera to apply for live on output applications such as TV shows, concerts and firm events. It’s a double-dyed gibe of the fashion of the notable Varicam reckon and the subject matter of Panasonic’s expertise in program television camera systems. It makes the photographic camera an incredibly various all-debauchee.”

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